Executive Board


Chair: Ariel Murphy is a senior in Silliman College, from Mahwah, New Jersey. She’s “the mom friend” and is feisty about science. 


Vice Chair: Ariel Lowrey is a senior in Branford College from sunny, sunny San Fransisco. She owns a cardboard cutout of Spock. 


Chief Whip: Shaheer Malik is a sophomore in Saybrook College, from Pakistan. He has been described both as “the sort of person that would die for a good cause” and also “brilliant.” We should all try to be more like him. 


Secretary: David Diaz is a senior in Saybrook College, from southern New Jersey. One could safely call him a “jazzy grandpa,” hosting radio shows and tut-tutting over the state of things today.


Social Chair: Sydney Young is a senior in Silliman College, from Michigan and Texas and Oregon, but mostly Michigan. She is “cool” and makes “refreshing beverages” and likes “socializing.” She’s the person to meet at the next Lib party.