Executive Board

 Elena Cole Fandrich, smiling, standing and outdoor

Chair: Cole Fandrich is a junior in Davenport College from Fredericksburg, Virginia. They love cats, being a Leo, and pretending they don’t listen to kpop.


 one or more people, people sitting and child

Vice Chair: Kelsey Evans is a sophomore in Berkeley from Northville, Michigan. She loves the right to vote. Please ask her about figure skating. #getshrekt


 1 person, outdoor and water

Social Chair: Shaheer Malik is a juniorin Saybrook College, from Lahore, Pakistan. He has been described both as “the sort of person that would die for a good cause” and also “brilliant.” We should all try to be more like him. 


 2 people, including Ian Moreau, people smiling, people standing, sky, suit and outdoor

Chief Whip: Ian Moreau (left) is a cool dude sophomore in Pierson from San Diego, California. He self-identifies as a sad boi.