Every week, the Secretary of the Liberal Party sends out an email containing that week’s Party and Union events in the form of a whipsheet. These sheets are distributed to all members and potential members of the Liberal Party, and are designed to keep recipients informed and interested in the Party’s weekly activities. Below is an Archive of all available past Lib whipsheets, starting with this past semester’s (Snuglibs) and working all the way back to Spring of 2000 (Libstick). Each has their own unique flair and interpretation of how best to keep Libs apprised of the goings-on of their Party and the Union, and we hope you’ll take the time to browse through and see the evolution of the Liberal Party over the past seventeen years. Enjoy!

Any current or former members with access to any copies of unarchived whipsheets should feel free to email them to our Secretary, David Diaz at

note: The FiLibuster and Tastefully Libilicious are only partially archived.